I can proudly say I began traveling at the age of 3 and never stopped. I was born in Chile, my father brought us to the western US, and thanks to his job, I got to see a lot of Mexico and a lot of the US. By the time I was in middle school, my parents bought a sailboat to sail from California, down Baja Mexico, to the Galapagos islands and finally Hawaii where we lived for the rest of my school days. My next trips included foreign exchanges to Japan, a sailing trip from London to Reykjavik and numerous trips to different parts of Europe. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to travel where I’ve been, and this blog is not to brag. Personally, I can’t recall all these trips that well. It’s the stories that you repeat and the pictures you put in physical albums or frames that you remember the most. Growing up in my generation, we have photos in film, digital camera memory cards and poor to high quality laptops and cell phones. This blog is to collect my pictures and stories in one place to really preserve the memories. If anyone else reads this, I hope it helps with your travels too ❤

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