Prague, Czech Republic… their Cocktail Bars… and a little bit of Copenhagen

The short amount of time I was in Prague was not enough! This trip is a continuation from our Germany trip. Germany was a little rainy but pretty warm the entire time we were there. We arrived at the bus station in Prague around 5 am and it was still dark. We stepped out of the bus and into the tundra! It was freezing, windy and dark and the bus stop had boarded up doors covered in graffiti! It was NOT what Instagram led me to believe. I instantly felt guilty since extending our trip to Prague was my idea! This was not what I was expecting! We were a little disoriented and sleepy so we made some questionable choices walking to our hotel… for starters, walking around the outside of the train station in the dark instead of the well lit inside. The to get to the road we needed, we chose to follow our GPS under a dark, scary bridge… Yes, I was nervous.

Fortunately, as we walked to our hotel, it either became a little brighter or my night vision adjusted and I could tell the streets were a really nice cobbleston and the buildings reminded me a little of Paris but pastel. Our hotel, The Hotel Leon D’Oro looked nice enough from the lobby, with pretty vintage furniture. We were way too early to check in but we tried anyway. We were tired, our makeup was a little smudged, hair was a mess, clothes were layered ridiculously to keep warm. We probably looked rough to the poor front desk worker. He couldn’t give us a room early but he let us lock up our luggage and invited us to breakfast at 7:30. He didn’t get upset with us for napping in the lobby, which was nice! With still no room, but at least no baggage, we wandered into Old Town Square.

Old Town Square was so beautiful! All the buildings were soft pastels with flourishes bordering the windows. The odd Church of our Lady is one of my favorite buildings with its little spires sticking out of its towers! The famed astronomical clock was under construction, but somehow still impressive. We wandered into souvenir shops and outdoor markets enjoying art pieces, music boxes and a lot of handmade wooden toys. I bought a small jewelry box with Mucha art and a much needed down jacket. Seeing the Old Town Square in daylight was amazing! The architecture was gorgeous with its pretty pin and yellow hotels, its churches, a fountain and statues. We stood in the center of the square taking pictures from every direction because of how beautiful it was.

When it was finally time to check in to our hotel, we were pleasantly surprised. I suspect we got a free upgrade because our room was a rooftop suite! We had a living room, kitchen, two large bathrooms, two large bedrooms and most importantly, two balconies with views! The suite itself was two stories. I took some time to throw myself a photo shoot. Ally and Molly stayed on the balcony enjoying the view and I quickly set the camera self timer to get a picture of myself on our living room window sill. My friends caught me in all my narcissism… and after laughing at me, thankfully helped me get some nice pictures.

The big balcony of our suite
The living room windows.

That night we took a haunted walking tour that recounted the legends and horror stories of Prague, including the Gollum, a large clay monster that guarded the Jewish Quarters, and taking us to the old synagogue where he is said to be kept. They took us under the city to the dungeons and told us about Prague’s history with Alchemy.

The Gollum is up in that attic!

We ended out night at a bar called the Black Angel’s. Rules of this bar include, no photography so it’s important that I write down how amazing this bar was. As a side note, I am a creepy girl… I love Tim Burton, the Twilight Zone, horror movies, haunted houses and Stephen King books. I was thrilled to enter the Gothic dungeon like bar with dim lights, vintage decor and a classical pianist playing horror movie tunes. The menu’s cocktail, From Dusk till Foam, caught my attention… mostly because I like the movie. When our drinks arrived Molly had a ridiculous drink in a shrunken head mug with all kinds of garnishes… Ally’s came in a Tiki man cup… and mine came in a plain old clear glass cup… WHAT?! However, this cocktail was incredible! It was gin, elderberry, grapefruit and had an egg white foam that tied together a great sweet and sour mix. Even though it was plain looking, I had to get another one! Worthy of mention too was Molly’s drink (we pass cocktails around so everyone gets a taste. Most meals too.). Her Nui Nui had a strange roller coaster of flavor that went from spicy to sweet and hit you with a shocking aftertaste that Ally clearly described as “cayenne, cinnamon, cayenne… radish!”

View from observation deck

The next day we woke up early to head over to the Prague Castle. It’s the largest ancient castle in the world (fun fact). We got hop-on bus tickets to get to all the all the main sites. We could walk to most places pretty easily but it was so cold and windy, we decided to minimize our exposure to the elements. The bus stopped at a tower similar to a small Eiffel Tower. We climbed up to the observation deck and got some pictures of the city. As we continued our walk to the castle we found a hilltop with another great view with a pretty outdoor restaurant. Here we enjoyed some Blueberry Beer and scenery!

Finally, we arrived at Prague Castle. The twin spire church, St. Vitus Cathedral, was stunning, with its gargoyles, arches and spikes! The gardens and views were fantastic. You have to pay to get into the tours or certain rooms but its free to just wander the grounds. There was a nice outdoor market as well with food and art. On our way back, we walked across the Charles Bridge with its dramatic statues every few steps.

At night we continued our pub crawl well aware that we had a plane to catch the next morning. We tried to start the night at the famous Anonymous Bar! We walked passed it about three times before we finally tried the unmarked dungeon like door. It led to a creepy walkway dimly lit by a red light. The bar itself was exactly what you expected for the V for Vendetta themed bar, but we tried to get a seat twice and it was just too packed. So instead we went to Molly’s pick, the Hemingway. True to its name, the Hemingway was decorated with pictures of Ernest. The cocktails all looked so unique; some came in camera lens mugs, garden gnome mugs… Molly’s drink, the Scrabble Punch, was even garnished with a Marzipan Scrabble piece. Ally and I decided to share an Absinthe for beginners drink (the Revenant) that came is a teapot like dispenser and had an orchid floating in it! I hate black licorice… I loved this drink! And I felt like Alice in Wonderland drinking from this strange thing.

Our last bar of the night was a wild experience in itself! The Alchemist bar was another spooky bar with Victorian looking decor, dramatic curtains and cozy seating. The menu was a leather bound book with a poem for each cocktail. My Alice in Wonderland cocktail came with a real rose floating in the middle. We also got the Choose Your Fate which we expected was just a fancy way of saying “bartenders choice”. Instead I was surprised to see a man in a long black robe and Venetian mask come up to me with an old chest. He opens it and dry ice fog comes out creepily covering our table. He takes out a deck of Tarot Cards and lets me pick one… I get the Moon. The waitress warns me that is a very strong drink and asks if I want to take another card, but I go for the one I choose. My drink came on a book-like tray with a dish for burning lavender!

We contemplated trying Anonymous one last time, but it was late and we were pretty satisfied and buzzed, so we headed back to the hotel. Our early flight was made a little more pleasant knowing we had a few hour layover in Copenhagen. As we sipped our coffee at a random airport gate, we catch sight of celebrities! Tom Holland and Zendaya were right across from us looking average as can be until Molly and Ally pointed out they were famous and people would casually go ask for autographs and whatnot. We gave then space. And so we left one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen… that I will need to return to!

Here’s more pictures!

My Moon Cocktail with a side of burning lavender
This dramatic menu at The Alchemist
Painting the Roses Red
Our hotel living room!
Balcony #2
The famed Astronomical Clock… under construction
Look at those paintings
Looks like Ally has a crown on
And a Copenhagen Palace

That’s all 🙂

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